It's hard to keep up with annualized franchises. Have you played every Assassin's Creed since the original released in 2007?

I played the original, and each of the Ezio entries, but my interest began to wane over the course of Assassin's Creed III. I completed it, however, and started Black Flag, but never made it through the introduction. The same thing happened during my time with Unity. I didn't encounter any glitches in Unity, nor did I find the story or characters unappealing (I enjoy French history!), but I had just hit a point of fatigue. I never even started Rogue. It was time for a break. I haven't started Syndicate, yet, but after reading Joe Juba's review and chatting with him about the game on the podcast, I am excited to start the game, though it remains to be seen if it will reignite my appreciation for the series.

How about you? Have you played all of the Assassin's Creed games? Are you a die-hard fan, eager to play each entry? Or are you ready for a break? Let us know in the comments below.