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Open an Amazon Store in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Open-an-Amazon-Store-in-Ireland.jpgThe online industry developed at a fast pace in the last years in numerous jurisdictions, including in Ireland. The e-commerce sector will further develop in the following years, as more and more people gain access to internet services. Numerous companies, including Amazon stores, have reported solid growth in sales, and 2016 represented one of the best years in this sense, as Amazon registered sales with a value of $ 136 billion.
One of the ways to open a company in Ireland in the online environment is by acting as a third party seller, using the Amazon’s platform to sell various goods. At the level of 2016, Amazon’s top revenues derived from retail sales of electronics and from third-party sales and our team of specialists in Ireland company formation can provide in-depth advice on how to register an online business performing its activities through the Amazon platform
The video below offers a short presentation on the manner in which foreign businessmen can set up an Amazon store in Ireland:


Advantages for Amazon stores in Ireland 

When starting the procedure of Irish company formation for an Amazon store, the investors will need to register a business form provided under the Companies Act, the main legal act regulating the activity of commercial entities in this country. Investors have numerous options in this sense, but one of the most common ways to start a business here is by setting up a limited liability company and our team of agents in Ireland company formation can advise on the documents that should be submitted by the investors with the relevant authorities. 
In order to open an Amazon store it is necessary to comply with all regulations that are customarily imposed to all other types of business activities in Ireland, including for tax purposes. In terms of taxation, Ireland is one of the best locations for setting up a business, as the corporate tax is imposed at one of the lowest rates at the level of the European Union (12,5%).


Requirements for Irish Amazon stores 

Since the Amazon store is registered for performing commercial activities, the customers must have the possibility of making online payments. One of the most common ways to provide payment services is by using PayPal, an online portal that offers the possibility of concluding online payments
Another option for Irish companies operating on the Amazon platform is to establish a merchant account, which acts in the same manner as the PayPal platform. The merchant account accepts both local and international transactions that can be concluded through credit or debit cards.
Investors are invited to contact our team of Irish company formation consultants for in-depth advice on the main information companies should provide when setting up a merchant account for an Amazon store


  • Carlos 2017-12-19

    Good day! I am interested in knowing if there are any fees for the registration on the Amazon platform. At the same time, I would like to know how much it costs to set up a merchant account for a business that will sell cosmetics and related products.

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