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Why Start an E-Commerce Company in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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Why-Start-an-E-Commerce-Company-in-IrelandThe e-commerce bill in Ireland

The Irish Government encourages e-commerce business activities which is why in 2000 it enacted an e-commerce bill. The e-commerce legislation regulates the conduct of electronic businesses in Ireland. Among the provisions of the e-commerce legislation, the most important are:

In 2003, the Irish Ministry for Communications also adopted the European Communities Regulations for data protection and privacy, thus attracting more foreign investors interested in opening online companies in the country.

For additional information regarding the e-commerce legislation you may also contact our specialists in company registration in Ireland.

We invite you to watch a concise video created by our Irish company formation agents about the e-commerce sector in Ireland.

Withholding taxes for e-commerce companies in Ireland

Many foreign investors are attracted by the Irish taxation system that favors companies registered in the country. With one of the lowest corporate taxes in the world, Ireland also provides other tax advantages to those setting up companies here. With respect to e-commerce businesses, the withholding taxes will apply taking into consideration if the money received by these companies are business profits or royalties in case of digitized products or services. Based on the fact that Ireland has an extended network of double tax treaties, many companies may apply for tax credits which can be deducted when applying for tax returns in Ireland.

The value added tax applied to e-commerce activities in Ireland

Irish e-commerce companies selling goods or services over the Internet to foreign citizens or legal entities may be liable for the value added tax in Ireland or in the buyer’s resident country depending on certain conditions:

  • - whether the purchase was made from an EU country,
  • - whether the company provides goods or services,
  • - whether the buyer is a private customer or a company registered for VAT.

For complete details about establishing an Irish IT company and the facilities foreign investors may benefit from and additional accounting services you may rely on our representatives in company formation in Ireland.



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